Yeah, just another vegan training blog.

In 2007, I began experimenting with a 100% plant-based diet.


Navigating the produce departments as a newly-minted vegan while studying abroad in the most veg-friendly of countries, Spain.

I rode my bike across the United States that summer, logging anywhere from 50-120 miles per day. I quickly “discovered” that my speed and endurance were much better on days when I stuck to fruits and vegetables.


Just after climbing Teton Pass.

In early 2008, I ran my first marathon on virtually no training. I felt great. I knew I was onto something.


Barcelona, March 2008.

I am not naturally athletic.

By 2010 I began logging anywhere from 10-20 miles per day on foot in the trails of Marin County, 7 days a week. At the time, I was also studying full time as a medical student. Between 2008-2012, I ran a “running streak” of 1,812 days.

Athletes and nutrition experts such as Brendan Brazier, T. Colin Campbell, Rich Roll, John McDougall, Douglas Graham, Dean Ornish, Joel Fuhrman, Matt Frazier, Scott Jurek, and Mac Danzig have been my inspiration.

This is my candid, raw, no-frills account of my foray into Ironman triathlon and ultra running.